Adults are fully welcomed at Papillon, with dedicated tap and ballet classes catering to dancers of all ages, abilities and experiences. While these classes provide entertainment and exercise, dedicated students can still accomplish the same goals as our younger dancers, whether that be improving their technique, performing, taking exams, going on pointe or simply embracing the joy of movement.

Dancing is excellent exercise, improving co-ordination, posture, flexibility and confidence, regardless of age. We have dancers from all different backgrounds, from those who’ve danced as children, to dance teachers to those who put their first pair of tap shoes on in their 70s and everything in between.

We want all students to enjoy their classes as much as possible, so they may wear any clothing they feel comfortable with but should wear correct footwear. We offer mixed ability daytime classes and a beginners tap class in the evening. We are aware adults have responsibilities and busy schedules so these classes are drop-in PAYG. Hour long classes are £5 and 90 minute classes are £7.50.

Adults are also welcome to attend syllabus classes and we support any adult dancing at the required standard to take exams, though of course there is no requirement or pressure to do so. Dancers must be committed and attend weekly, with more practice necessary nearer the exam date. We offer private lessons, subject to timetable constraints.

We currently have adults preparing for exams in all three streams the RAD has to offer – Graded, Vocational and Repertoire. Previous results have included Merit in Intermediate and Merits and Distinction in Repertoire Level 2.

TUESDAY         10am-11.30am        Ballet
THURSDAY      7.10pm-8.10pm      Beginners Tap
FRIDAY            9am-10am              Tap
                         10am-11.30am       Ballet